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Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia yesterday assured that it would take a maximum of two to three weeks for applicants to have their licenses delivered under the new smart cards regime.

Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia yesterday assured that it would take a maximum of two to three weeks for applicants to have their licenses delivered under the new smart cards regime.


He gave this assurance when he launched two new products, the Smart Driver’s License and the Smart Vehicle Registration Card at the Driver and Vehicle Head Office in Accra.

He indicated that with the new process put in place at the DVLA, “it means that practically, it should take anybody a maximum of two to three weeks to obtain a license in Ghana. And once you’ve passed your test, if you opt for the premium service, you should get your license in one day. That is remarkable progress.”

Dr Bawumia observed that road transportation facilitates the movement of people, goods and services in all sectors of the economy, including tourism, mining, trade, health, education and agriculture, among others.

“It is estimated that road transportation carries approximately ninety-eight per cent (98%) of the passengers and freight traffic in the country, with available information indicating that the national targets for growth and poverty reduction rely heavily on the effectiveness of this sector,” he said

According to Dr Bawumia, the card is set to revolutionize the road sector in Ghana.

He mentioned that the government was faced with security threats and massive revenue shortfalls to government as a result of fake licenses, fake roadworthy stickers, fake number plates and fake documents.

“There are also problems that people encounter when trying to obtain a driver’s license or even to renew an existing driver’s license,” he added.

Dr Bawumia recalled how former British High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin, on his return to England, went and renewed his driver’s license, and mocked Ghana’s slow system with a post on Facebook.

‘It was a subtle jab at us, and I did take it personal. And so today I would like to say to Jon Benjamin that change has come, and I would like to invite him to come and test our services at DVLA again,” he said.

The Vice President stressed that the theme for the launch, “Transforming Driver ad Vehicle Licensing through People, Processes and Technology,” summarized what DVLA had done in the past months and years.

He continued, “Beginning with the introduction of these Smart Cards, DVLA must immediately move to providing secure payment options with several variations to its clients. We heard the MIS Director say that this will soon be done.”

Dr Bawumia said Nana Akufo-Addo was bent on delivering on the promises made to Ghanaians to transform the economy and that, “we are working day and night to ensure this happens to the benefit of the people of Ghana who have reposed their confidence in the government.”

“We have launched the National Identification Project, The Paperless Port Project, E-Procurement at the Public Procurement Authority, E-Business Registration and Certification at the Registrar General’s, the National Digital Property Addressing System, and today, the Smart Driver’s Licence and Vehicle Registration Cards. Ghana is definitely on the road to modernization,” the vice President said.

He added that all these initiatives are expected to operate collaboratively to ensure Ghana becomes the preferred place of doing business in Africa and beyond.

“And as the CEO of DVLA mentioned, we have asked them to ensure there is constant innovation in their operations, and the Ghanaian or foreigner who is eligible to drive or wants to register his vehicle does so under optimal conditions. I am looking forward to an effective, efficient and sustainable DVLA in the months ahead,” he said.

According to the Vice President, the next decade should see a complete transformation of Ghana’s driver licensing and vehicle registration system that radically changes how citizens and foreigners are licensed to drive and drive safely.

“The DVLA must offer superior services to the public and financial inclusion should be optimal and majority of us should be using electronic payment channels regularly,” he mentioned.

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