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The Second Lady, Samira Bawumia, has donated GHC20,000 to the paediatric unit of the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, in the Ridge area.

The Second Lady, Samira Bawumia, has donated GHC20,000 to the paediatric unit of the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, in the Ridge area.

The donation, made under her Samira Empowerment and Humanitarian Projects (SHEP) foundation, will help support the unit staff, enabling them to provide dedicated service and encouraging them to do more.

“In Ghana we tend to talk about problems all the time but it is important also to celebrate successes,” Alhajia Bawumia told staff, as she made the donation on Boxing Day at the Ridge hospital.

“I believe as a personal philosophy that leadership is all about service. You have served in various ways. This money is to support you to do what you do best and help the young ones,” she said.

Intensive care

Before the donation, the Second Lady visited the neonatal intensive care unit on the paediatric ward to consult with staff, meet patients and talk to the nursing mothers.

According to her, the move was to cheer up the mums, who were stuck in hospital through Christmas.
“Most importantly, [I wanted] also to interact with management and see how much more we can do in our individual capacity,” she said.

She identified medication and equipment as two challenges confronting the facility. Drugs for mothers and babies are often either not readily available or too expensive to buy.

“They need some more equipment and medication on hand because some of the medications and supplies take a while to procure. If they could have more in the store, they could use that until parents can raise funds or get replenishment for the hospital,” the Second Lady said.

Saving lives

Chatting to nursing mothers, Alhajia Bawumia encountered a 15-year-old teenager who’d had twins prematurely. The young girl’s partner was nowhere to be found.

“I have asked for her details so that, first of all, we make sure the children do well and after that see how we can integrate her back to school,” said the Second Lady, citing specialised programmes which support underage mothers to return to school.

She also committed to support a lady whose two-year-old has suffered extensive burns. The child’s treatment will cost GHC5,000.

“We need everybody to join in and save lives,” she urged.

Endowment fund

The medical director of the Ridge hospital, Dr Emmanuel Srofenyo, said the cash donation would be used as seed money to set up an endowment fund for the department so that the Second Lady’s gesture benefits everyone.

Dr Srofenyo said the hospital management will soon set up a social support fund to help deal with social issues holistically and proactively.

With regard to the 15-year-old, Dr Srofenyo said staff of the paediatric department will engage with the hospital’s social welfare unit to monitor both babies and their mother longer term.

Among the items Alhajia Bawumia presented to the nursing mothers and infants on admission were nappies, Kalypo fruit juice, Golden Tree chocolate, story books, crayons, toys, wet wipes and food for everyone.