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Politics and poverty: Adaklu residents threatened by stone quarry operations

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Abuadi can be found in the Adaklu District. It is one of the 46 newly created Districts in 2012. Its administrative capital is at Adaklu-Waya.

Abuadi can be found in the Adaklu District. It is one of the 46 newly created Districts in 2012. Its administrative capital is at Adaklu-Waya.


 According to the 2010 Population and Housing Census District Analytical Report, 80 percent of households in the district are engaged in agriculture. Important tourist attractions include the beautiful Adaklu Mountain.

However, the village faces a threat of destruction from the operations of a quarry site located in the town. The serenity of the village has been severely compromised. Sleep has become elusive for most of the residents. The all-day long activities of the quarry will not give them respite.

Comfort Adanu is one of the residents badly hit by the operations of the quarry site. She laments the noise it generates and the risk it poses to her and other residents. She explains, “It is difficult to sleep at night. When they blast the rocks, it shakes the building.

We complain every day about the phenomenon but the authorities are not heeding to our calls. They do not rest, the other day around 10pm; eleven trucks used the road behind my house. They work till 5am in the morning. Our children are at risk. Efo Elikem’s child was nearly killed the other time. His motor had a head-on collision with one of the quarry trucks”.

Anane Gbogbo is also a resident of Abuadi, he is distraught because the traditional authorities are unwilling to crack the whip on the operators of the quarry. He revealed that the inhabitants of the community had a meeting with some of the traditional authorities but that did not yield any result.

“Our chiefs are aware. We had a meeting and told them about the disturbing situation and how the cars disturb at night. We resolved to create some roadblocks to make it difficult for the cars to ply the route. One of our chiefs gave an order for the roadblocks to be removed at night.

The town folks were very angry that their concerns were disregarded. Our chiefs are not doing anything to salvage the situation”

Residents of the area want the owners of the quarry to construct a new road to their site. They complain that the dust from the quarry has become unbearable.

Apart from the noise and air pollution caused by the blasting of the rocks, the attendant effects of the risks the quarry poses to residents are inescapable.

The brownish corrugated roofing sheets in Abuadi are proof of the remnants of a village badly affected by unbridled quarry activities. For operators of the site, they mean and understand business.

They are not budged by the unending whining by residents. They operate from dusk to dawn. Residents are agitated that traditional authorities are not doing much to rescue the situation.

The buildings in Adaklu-Abuadi are deteriorating by the minute. Visible cracks and gaping holes have become conspicuous features of the structures here.  Attempts to speak to the traditional authorities proved futile.

This is a Citizen Journalist report by Joseph Phanuel from Adaklu with support from StarGhana.