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Rights are human entitlements; however, it is not every right that is worthy of us to seek its enjoyment. Thus, according to 1 Corinthians 10:23, “we are free to do all things, but there are some things which are not wise to do. We are free to do all things, but not all things are for the common good.” (The Bible in Basic English)
The Constitution of the Republic of Ghana is very blunt and candid in Article 66 Clause 2 that a person shall not be elected to hold office as President of Ghana for more than two terms.

Rights are human entitlements; however, it is not every right that is worthy of us to seek its enjoyment. Thus, according to 1 Corinthians 10:23, “we are free to do all things, but there are some things which are not wise to do. We are free to do all things, but not all things are for the common good.” (The Bible in Basic English)
The Constitution of the Republic of Ghana is very blunt and candid in Article 66 Clause 2 that a person shall not be elected to hold office as President of Ghana for more than two terms.



In Clause 1 of the same Article, it says additionally that a person elected as President shall, subject to Clause (3) of this Article, hold office for a term of four years beginning from the date on which he is sworn in as President and that as per Clause 3(a) of the same Article, the position of President becomes vacant on the expiration of the period specified in Clause (1) of the Article.

Consequently, as per the provisions of Clause 2, one is entitled to at least hold the position of President for two terms after which he will be legally barred from seeking a re-run. Interestingly, since the inception of the 1992 Constitution and Ghana’s democratic dispensation, former President Mahama happens to be the only one who has been booted and ousted out of power after the expiration of his first term.

Therefore in compliance with and in application of Clause 2 of Article (66), he is by law eligible to seek a re-election for another four year term. That is his inalienable right under the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana and that no one dares to begrudge him in case he expressly decides and declares to pursue it.

However, what should be a matter of concern to every patriot and responsible citizen of the Republic of Ghana, including the ex-President himself, is to do a rigorous analysis of his tenure as President and try to establish a fact whether or not the nation at large was satisfied with the way issues regarding governance, growth and developmentwere managed.

We must try to figure out whether he had enough empathy for his fellow countrymen on the multiplicity of socio-economic problems they found themselves in. If I were him, I would retire gracefully to the status of statesmanship, spare myself of  any denigration and disrespect associated with active politics and still serve the nation in that capacity. He must cease to think that it is only in the capacity of President that he can serve his nation. In fact, he has done his bit to the socio-economic advancement agenda of this country and there is no way his contribution (good or bad) would be expunged from the history books of this great nation. More so, his name would not have so soon been altered from President John Mahama to former President John Mahama, if the citizenry still perceive him to be who he was prior to his ascendancy to the high office of President.

Truly, ‘sankofa’ in the Akan dialect is not an abominable word whenever and wherever it is applied. But in this instance, it will be deeply amazing if Ghanaians go back to the former things the nation witnessed in the former administration under the leadership of John Dramani Mahama.

On the issue I raised above regarding ‘sankofa,’ the people of the Republic of the Federation of Russia have beautifully illustrated that in their political life by putting their political confidence and interest in someone who, by excellence, served his nation from 2000 to the year 2008 when he was by law ineligible to contest for the presidential position anymore.

A democrat as he is, Vladimir Putin gracefully handed over power to Dmitry Medvedev who was then constitutionally elected President of Russia. But Vladimir Putin, with his high level of credibility and likeability among the Russians, landed on the job of a Prime Minister right after he went out of power in the same country where he served for two consecutive terms as President.

What do you think may have triggered this critical move by the then President (Dmitry Medvedev)? Perhaps, he was of the belief that there are a lot of deposits of good things in Vladimir Putin that Russia requires in her journey to growth and development and that a mere constitutional limitation will not be enough grounds to deny Russia of those good things.  Now, can someone tell me, what was left in ex-President Mahama, if not disappointment, at the time he was kicked out of office?
He had exhausted all his means in his quest to give Ghanaians dignified living to the extent of organizing the Senchi Economic Conference in May 12th-15th 2014, to brainstorm among the citizenry regardingthe nation’s economic situation at the time, in a bid to chart the way to emancipation and redemption, equivalent to subscribing to the IMF bailout in April 3, 2015.

By this, he is impliedly telling everyone in Ghana that he has run out of innovative ideas to get us out of our predicaments. So, what at all is motivating the former President to re-run for the presidency? I just can’t think far!!!!
Mr. Putin as Prime Minister, discharged his duties excellently such that internationally, people with democratic orientation began to ask who controls the real political power, Putin or Medvedev. This made the experts of democracy to coin a term for that relationship known as ‘tandemocracy.’ It implies two authorities wielding the same political power concurrently.
It can then clearly be seen from this single move, act and intent by the Russians that ex-President Putin was, indeed, still needed at the helm of Russian affairs.

A pertinent question one would therefore put forward is whether the same can be said of our former President who is so anxious of recapturing political power in the next general elections. People got extremely disgruntled during his tenure as President as reflected in the results of the 2016 general elections. Unless he has capacity to do some magic in 2020, it would therefore be very prudent on his part, if he saved himself the little ounce of credibility left as a former President, since the defeat he suffered as an incumbent in the 2016 general elections was hugely humiliating.

He must not run because no one can tell the gravity of what is in the offing against him, (granted that his party allows him) should he dare to contest the 2020 elections.
JDM stated in his concession speech after the declaration of the 2016 general election that he would leave posterity to judge his time as President. That frank statement from the ex-President of the whole of Ghana meant that he was at the cross-roads or worse still a dead end with his destiny as President. Where then is this crazy ambition of recapturing political power coming from? Unless he did not meant what he said about posterity judging him. Otherwise, he should not have made that statement at all, since he knew very well, deep inside his heart, that he would be contending for the Presidency once again.

President Putin as a former President of Russia has been successful to recapture political power for the sake of his political credence and particularly the amendment of Russia’s constitution that changed the presidential term from four (4) years to six (6) years in September 2011. You see now, he rode on the back of hard work and a pile up of good deeds and achievements in his previous term of office as president. The presidency was not handed over to him on silver Plata. I believe Russia would have rejected him if he had proved incompetent on the job as well as misconducting himself in the high office of president. What about our former president? Does he have anypolitical credence at all to emerge as a force in the next presidential elections? These are the sort of analysis the ex-president must be doing to weigh his prospects.

Mr. former president, we have got a good option for president in the person of Nana Addo DankwahAkufo-Addo. He is surmounting what in your view seemed insurmountable. He is cleaning your mess as well as setting new standards. He has challenged himself with the ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ Agenda.
This is the hallmark of a visionary leader. At least being sixty one (61) years after independence and a republic, we ought to be self-reliant. That is to be in the capacity to deal with our own problems and challenges and through that, we can move forward as a nation.

Developed nations in the world never depended solely on grants and aids to get to where they are. With creativity, they pursued an agenda of wealth creation and that is their status we are seeing today. We believe that in president Akufo-Addo’s presidency, the right policies has been set and that due process is being followed to get Ghana to the focal point where she belongs. In President Akufo-Addo’s presidency, we are well off in the short term and very well assured in the long term.
So,Mr. ex-President, the hope for you becoming president again in this Republic is being weathered and eroded by the day, as Ghanaians under President Akufo-Addo have a better offer as compared to yours. In that case,please help sound a note of caution to the minority to desist from the unnecessary sabotage of government’s efforts to upgrade the living standards of Ghanaians from the point where you left them.

Also, he should know that no amount of distraction and distortions will derail the focus of the NPP government. He and his bunch should therefore endeavor to use the time to reflect and desist from negative opposition culture to a more positive and engaging style. I believe that will give JDM and his minority in the Legislature some sort of credibility to position them as government in waiting.

Mr. ex-President, you once upon a time found yourself in the corridors of power and for that, you may have come across a lot of weaknesses in the country’s security framework. You know all the top secrets of this dear nation. But do not rely on that to hold this country to ransom. Do not undermine the efforts of the current president; after all, you also sought to contribute to people’s wellbeing except that failed in carrying that out for selfish reasons and paid dearly for that.
Well, that’s the name of the game.

It (politics) is the desire to change the status quo and improve on it, but not just to change for its sake.

We believe Ghanaians have no regret for the change we demanded so spare them the cacophony of noises emanating from the side of the minority.  Do not fight against good policies you know within yourself are best for the nation just because you have an ambition to be president once again.
I know you are a man of integrity and that you have conscience – why not, if Ghanaians can take you as they see you? After all, conscience and integrity are inextricably linked. No one can claim to have integrity without conscience,
Undoubtedly, the series of lawlessness this country has experienced ever since the New Patriotic Party seized the reins of power have happened not without a very powerful invisible hand – a citadel of power that invisibly manipulates the actions of people in society. How come criminals now have the urge to invade a police station, break into the police cells and set free alleged criminals? What impression do we seek to put out there.

Similarly, the audacity of armed robbers to terrorize and attack people on a broad day afternoon portrays an embarrassing impression of lawlessness that opponents want blamed on the ruling administration, as such incidents are alien to the Ghanaian society.

What at all is the motive underlying such incidents? Is it to render the president unpopular and also as someone who has lost grips of power and authority? Or portray him as a lawless person to perfectly fit the description they gave him when he was the opposition leader? As I said earlier, all these are happening because a former president is by law eligible to re-run for the presidency. He knows exactly the weak points of the country and that is exactly where he strikes to his advantage.
It is just incomprehensible to always wake up to the constant and consistent rhetorical attacks on the free SHS policy. Some free SHS establishments were struck with a strange disease leading to the death of some students. Do they have an idea the kind relief such a policy has brought to bear on the finances of certain families in Ghana? It is again very difficult for me to understand why the fall army worm never invaded our crops on farmlands in recent years. But for it to become a national crisis in the period when the president had launched the Planting for food and Jobs policy is a wake-up call for the nation at large whenever a former president is eligible to run for president.

The Planting for food and Jobs policy that was originally intended to inure to the benefit of all suffered this attack, perhaps, to destroy its prospects. So that when it fails, they will now have the reason to burst out in joy but will criticize the policy with the hope of accruing more political points. Thank God, the attacks were curtailed and that all the major policies are soldiering on and never succumbed to the shocks as intended
In conclusion, I will urge the current administration to be apt and proactive by putting in place pre-emptive measures to nip such attacks from such powerful invisible hands in the bud. They must always be prepared for attacks from the flanks.

Luckily for us in our democratic dispensation, power has changed hands when incumbents are statutory barred from running for president. However, in our recent experience, power changed hands when the incumbent lost his second bid for the presidency. I see it as a dangerous situation in our hands and it will be more serious when the ex-President is passionate, desirous and obsessed to take up that power again just as ex-President Mahama is doing. He is relentlessly working to run the government down by raising false alarms so as to incite the people against government as they are aware that it is the only means to realize their objectives.

Unfortunately for such characters, Ghana is rising again as the Star ordained by God to achieve a certain mission under the leadership of Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo.
That destiny for this nation must be fulfilled by the New Patriotic Party under Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo.