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Tomorrow, July 7, tens of thousands of delegates, representing all 275 constituencies in Ghana, will assemble in Koforidua in the Eastern Region on the busiest day of the New Patriotic Party’s annual delegates’ conference.

Tomorrow, July 7, tens of thousands of delegates, representing all 275 constituencies in Ghana, will assemble in Koforidua in the Eastern Region on the busiest day of the New Patriotic Party’s annual delegates’ conference.


Conference participants will be taking vital decisions that will have an impact on the destiny and fortunes of the party.

Also attending the congress will be Members of Parliament, metropolitan, municipal and district chief executives, members of the NPP Council of Elders, and appointees of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. All of them are entitled, under the terms of the NPP constitution, to cast a vote to choose regional and national executives who will lead the party over the next four years.

As usual, the President will be the guest of honour and keynote speaker for the occasion.


                                            From despair to hope


As we all understand, it has been a tortuous journey from the darkest days of 2009 to the present. Against all odds, and with truth and a sense of mission as the party’s weapons, the NPP was able to overcome despite the discouraging outcome of a legal petition against the declared results of Election 2012, and sustained scheming by the then ruling National Democratic Congress to keep the NPP perpetually in opposition.

Working together, shoulder to shoulder, rank-and-file members took the future of Ghanaian politics into their own hands. Together with well-disposed civil society groups, we managed to advocate for reforms that eventually exposed the NDC’s bid to continue misgoverning the nation even though it had demonstrated the most appalling incompetence in managing our economy. At the same time, the NDC’s corrupt leadership was disabling the nation’s vital and strategic institutions, including the Ghana Armed Forces and Police Service.

Thankfully, in December 2016, backward electoral practices were put to shame. In 2016, the good people of Ghana accepted the NPP’s message of change and transformation. This culminated in the remarkable foundations the Akufo-Addo-led government has since laid, with the gradual take-off of industrialisation, strategic infrastructural development, and reforms in health, civic life and education.

Our government is starting to rescue Ghana’s economy, wresting the lives of citizens away from weak structures to offer us hope. It is this that has drawn appreciation from the World Bank, international financial analysts and Ghana’s development partners.


                                              Our land a haven


We at the Daily Statesman believe that, as we struggle together to deliver on the NPP’s prosperity mandate, we will look not only at what the party can do for us, but at what commitments we can make to get the right kind of leadership. It is this that will make it possible for our people in all ten regions to continue to support the party meaningfully, and create a haven of prosperity that will brighten prospects for every foot soldier. It is this that must be our party’s way of appreciating their contribution to NPP winning the 2016 elections.

As such, we must be mindful to elect officers whose principal goals will be to unify the New Patriotic Party, to strengthen its base and machinery, to work hand in hand with our government, and to ensure that we give Ghana good governance ‒ governance that will bring progress to all Ghanaians.

It is sad that during the 2014 intra-party campaign, we witnessed a spate of infighting that undermined the NPP and gave ammunition to our enemies. The resulting suspensions of a small number of senior elected officials and other officers were right, but did nothing to cover us in glory.

It is the prayer of the Daily Statesman that we continue to safeguard the gains we have made and which propelled the 2016 victory. We pray, too, that the Koforidua conference will bestow on us further gains, through the election of the right people to lead our great party.

We believe that those attending this weekend’s historic conference hold the key to the NPP’s future as men and women with the vision, the skills, the plans and the passion to lead Ghana to fulfil her destiny of progress and abundance. Bringing prosperity to Ghana will bring prosperity to our foot soldiers, and renew our belief that committed political parties generate life from within ‒ whether in power or out.