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John Mahama is refusing to get over his cry-baby tendencies. Now he is criss-crossing the length and breadth of Ghana, fabricating stories and bending truth in spite of his pretensions to religiosity.

John Mahama is refusing to get over his cry-baby tendencies. Now he is criss-crossing the length and breadth of Ghana, fabricating stories and bending truth in spite of his pretensions to religiosity.


Until now, his only strategy could summed up as constant obstructionist posturing, all his self-serving critiques clothed as policy alternatives. This effort is coupled with unguarded utterances by the “onaapo” band of clowns whom he quietly trained to become communicators for the National Democratic Congress, in the hope that most Ghanaians, “forgetful as they are”, would be only too glad to give the “dead goat” another chance come 2020.

Confused about the issues that led to his abysmal performance in the 2016 general elections, he is once again counting on false hope: this time that Election 2020 will smile on him despite his misrule and incompetence as President of Ghana.

Confuse the voters

Like a wounded lion, Mahama, without the benefit of a research office or serious advisors, is out on a wild goose chase, fabricating messages and looking for clown angles to virtually every policy debate he wades into, including Free SHS and corruption ‒ the trademark of his own government.

His abysmal record on procurement, banking and car theft by public officials includes the case of one pink Nissan Patrol four-wheel drive. The car was allegedly dumped by security agents at a workshop near the Accra residence of the late K B Asante, awaiting a safe moment when it could be towed to an NDC-friendly workshop for respraying and change of ownership.

Bereft of ideas, Mahama and his propagandists are leaving no stone unturned, devising strategies to confuse the electorate about the gains from NPP government initiatives, all of which translate into more cash for homes, households, farmers, workers and even the unemployed.

Spilt milk

After missing a raft of opportunities to serve Ghana conscientiously, Mahama is contriving ways to subvert the ship of state by chicanery – if he can no longer look forward to the luxury of driving unhindered in an ambulance to tinker with Ghana’s electoral processes.

As far as he is concerned, real-life problems do not exist and facts are nonsense. He knows that most of the NDC’s core constituencies vote more on the appeal of each new circus act than on hardcore, motivating debate.

Unfortunately for Mahama, however, Ghana is building a young generation who want to progress by taking advantage of opportunities in education and business to improve their lives, rather than living on crumbs from the tables of thieving politicians.

Unity Walks

It is emerging that the so-called Unity Walks, funded by Mahama, were intended not to unite his fractured faction in the party, consisting of small boys of no known station, but to create a platform for his band of Young Turks to return to power and resume the rape of Ghana’s coffers.

What they wish to do is to saddle the good people of this nation with another scorched-earth borrowing campaign to keep the poor perpetually in bondage.
To push that agenda, some wishful thinkers in the NDC, acting as communicators and party apparatchiks, have been pushed to go from one corner of Ghana to another, announcing a grand second coming for Mahama in 2020.

Yet the man is on record as having superintended the single most corrupt regime in Ghana’s history.

Just think of the scandals involving the Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Development Agency (GYEEDA), the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) and Armajaro. Or the Smarttys bus branding saga, the 2014 Brazil World Cup fiasco, Alfred Agbesi Woyome’s “judgment debt”, Isofoton, Waterville, Fortiz and the Kanazoe kickback ‒ in which Mahama accepted the “bribe” of a Ford Expedition vehicle from a Burkinabè building contractor.

Audit is as audit does

Sadly, although there are official investigations are being backed by the Economic and Organised Crime Office and the United Nations Development Programme, the NDC, and particularly those Katamansonians in Mahama’s corner, is engaged in an attempt to bury the findings of the latest state-commissioned audit report.

It was under Mahama’s leadership that these scams running into billions of cedis were recorded. But for the joint EOCO/UNDP audit, Ghanaians would not have known that state institutions breached provisions of the Public Procurement Act by inflating contract sums, or turned a blind eye to non-performance of contracts and encouraged non-enforcement/breach of contract.

Notable among these scandals is the finding that the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company (BOST) misappropriated funds to the tune of nearly GHC285.6 million and that Kingsley Awuah-Darko, a managing director of BOST under the NDC, misappropriated GHC10.5m and $33,305,527 out of the state purse.

Record of mismanagement

It is not apparent what else ex-President Mahama is seeking to accomplish, having run Ghana aground in just five years in power. What is crystal clear, however, is that his record of mismanagement is well known to discerning Ghanaians.

It is worth noting that earlier this decade, the Mahama-controlled NDC had ample time and all the resources in the universe to devise a way to turn Ghana’s sinking fortunes around, for good. The party failed to do so, or refused to do so, and because it could not manage national affairs efficiently, the NDC is unwilling to co-operate with anyone else to build the country.

It is against this backdrop that one notes the “onaapo” high priests’ frantic attempts to obstruct the still young government of President Nana Addo Akufo-Addo.

We must all work to rid our public and state institutions of corrupt practices, ensure good governance and protect the public purse.