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The Northern regional branch of the opposition National Democratic Congress has been torn apart following hostilities between the regional chairman and his secretary.

The Northern regional branch of the opposition National Democratic Congress has been torn apart following hostilities between the regional chairman and his secretary.


Sualisu Be-Awuribe, the regional secretary, was on Saturday assaulted by the Al-Quaeda group, a faction of the local NDC controlled by Alhaji Ibrahim Mobila, the 80-year-old NDC Northern regional chairman.

A meeting he was expected to attend in Tamale was also disrupted by the same group.


Party insiders say there has been an antagonistic relationship between the two since their election a couple of months ago, leading to formation of two factions within the regional executive body of the party.

The last straw which was said to have broken the camel’s back was a decision by the chairman to appoint his loyalists to man another secretariat.

He is believed to havve set up the parallel secretariat to play the same role as the recognised secretariat led by the regional secretary.


The regional secretary was attacked on his way to a meeting called by the Northern Region parliamentary minority caucus to settle differences between the two.

Also suffering a similar attack was the regional NDC treasurer, Kassim Bakari, who belongs to the secretary’s faction.

According to reports made to the Daily Statesman, both Sualisu Be-Awuribe and Kassim Bakari sustained degrees of injury.

Chairman “orchestrated”

Meanwhile, Sualisu has accused the regional chairman of orchestrating the attacks on him. The chairman has refused to speak to the media about the matter.

Regional secretary Sualisu said in a radio interview that the NDC national executive had tasked them to submit names of members who would be attending the impending national congress but the chairman would not co-operate with him to get it done.

He disclosed that the MP for Tamale Central, Inusah Fuseini, had tried to intervene to resolve the differences between them and so invited him to a meeting. But on his way to the meeting, some irate youth from the party accosted and assaulted him.

Mr Fuseini has since confirmed the attack in a radio interview. The MP lamented that several efforts by the Northern regional Minority Caucus in Parliament to mend differences between two had proved abortive.

“I do not think that it would be prudent for us to continue to push for a meeting of the entire executives in the Northern Region,” Mr Fuseini said.

“I have seen pictures of the secretary who appeared to have been wounded by the attacks. So I don’t think it will be appropriate for me to continue with the other colleagues in Parliament on the NDC side … pushing for a meeting.”

“Secret” meetings

In a related development, the organiser of the Al-Queada group is reported to have confirmed the Saturday attacks on Sualisu and Kassim Bakari. He said they launched the assaults because the chairman had not endorsed the meeting that was called by the Minority Caucus.

“The secretary and his people are disturbing the chairman too much. The chairman told them the meeting cannot happen but they refused.

“They have been having secret meetings behind the chairman, so just this morning, we heard that they were going [for] a secret meeting again. Unfortunately, the chairman told them they should not hold that [meeting], but they told the chairman that nobody can stop the meeting.

“So they went to Global Dream Hotel to the meeting again but unfortunately something happened again … we went and sacked them,” Daily Statesman sources told us he said.