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It would be unfair to make a sweeping suggestion that the entire top brass of the country’s main opposition party ‒ NDC ‒ have a myopic world-view regarding the nomination process to pick a particular presidential candidate for the 2020 general election.

It would be unfair to make a sweeping suggestion that the entire top brass of the country’s main opposition party ‒ NDC ‒ have a myopic world-view regarding the nomination process to pick a particular presidential candidate for the 2020 general election.


At least, we know the party’s top leaders, such as former President and founder, J J Rawlings, Dr Kwesi Botchwey, Dr Obed Asamoah, Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, Alban Bagbin, Professor Joshua Alabi and many other leading members, may not be that happy about the rough road the ex-President Mahama-tilted faction is taking the party along.

While there may be some differences among the party leaders in terms of the campaign approach/messaging, and strong objections to the current composition of executives, one enduring characteristic almost all the NDC functionaries share, is their sense of entitlement to power.

Certainly, the party’s apparatchiks find it extremely difficult to adjust to normal life in opposition. That is to say, the NDC is so used to acquiring and mismanaging power since its relatively short inception, that most of its members act as if they are entitled exclusively to rule Ghana.

The realisation that the NDC is not in charge of Ghana’s political governance, makes the Mahama/Asiedu Nketiah/Ofosu-Ampofo triumvirate, backed by their diehard minions, engage in the business of constantly throwing a fit! Ghanaians can call this phenomenon the politics of tantrums, according to the NDC-2020 playbook.


In simple translation, NDC as a party “breathes power, smokes power, eats power, worships power, baths in power, abuses power, and steals power”.

This probably explains why most of the party members behave quite erratically, and display such incompetence as a major opposition group, especially when they respond to events and issues of national importance.

With the NDC’s history of mismanagement, it is no wonder that a considerable number of the party’s top hierarchy have strong suspicions about NPP government functionaries. This is because they assume that others may also be abusing power as they used to.

Fearing own shadows

Let’s take a quick look at the NDC without power. It is increasingly clear from the leadership’s unusually edgy demeanour, and often hysterical reactions to real or imagined “insecurity” across the nation, that the Mahama-controlled NDC party is scared of its own shadow. Evidently, there is a strategic reason behind the party’s constant scare-mongering that there’s a state of insecurity in Ghana.

Deceiving the masses

As every one knows, Ghanaians are traditionally a peace-loving people. Therefore, any signal that their government is incapable of providing basic security for their lives , and guarantee the peace, may come across as a complete shirk of governmental responsibility and national failure.

Whenever anyone hears from the NDC or ex-president Mahama denouncing “insecurities” in Ghana under the Nana Akufo-Addo administration, it is not because the NDC’s most inept presidential aspirant-cum-former president cares so much about Ghanaians’ personal safety more than everyone else.

Rather, it is because one of the NDC’s numerous ploys is to create fabricated narratives of national insecurity and socioeconomic hardship in Ghana.

Lest we forget

Having had the unique opportunity of interacting with people from all backgrounds as former president, JDM most likely understands more than many citizens, that Ghanaians are forgiving, and tend to be forgetful, too.

We know this for sure, because Mr Mahama is quoted as having said that “Ghanaians are [a] forgetful” bunch of people. In other words, irrespective of what a president does or doesn’t do while in power, Ghanaians will forget about it.

Thus, Ghanaians and their vociferous media have already forgotten about the Mahama-led government’s past misdeeds, including all the unsolved murders and violence that unfolded when the NDC was in power.

So, why not manufacture stories based on half-truths, and complete lies? Because when the dust settles eventually, the experience would have been forgotten, in line with the ex-president’s observation.

By the same logic, Ghanaians will definitely forget that it was President Akufo-Addo’s unwavering leadership which resulted in what appears to be a long-lasting peace finally coming to Dagbon.

Of course, judging by their utterances and lukewarm attitude toward the Dagbon peace process, it is obvious ex-president Mahama and many of his NDC sidekicks wish Ghanaians forget as soon as possible, and never mention Nana Akufo-Addo’s name in connection with Dagbon’s nascent peace.

NDC crying wolf

One can tell by all accounts that compared to the other political parties today, the NDC is super-hungry for power. In fact, the majority of them cannot believe their party doesn’t have the state power to “create, loot, and share” Ghana’s meager national resources any longer.

They are throwing tantrums all over the place; so, when one hears them venting, they are letting out their pent-up anger, frustration, disappointment, and utter disdain for the ruling NPP government, led by the “Kyebi tough guy.”

The Mahama NDC falsely wants the country to believe that under President Akufo-Addo’s NPP regime, Ghana is witnessing unprecedented murder and violence, even though it is this same leader whose behind-the-scenes efforts had led to a peaceful outcome in one of the nation’s most volatile areas ‒ Dagbon.

Predicated on their dishonest and deceitful behavior in opposition, it is safe to conclude that many followers in the NDC orbit are strongly convinced that besides their party, any other political party in power is an aberration.

Songs of doom

Surely, the way the Mahama-hijacked NDC plays its politics, reminds some of us of a big bully or a spoilt child in a neighborhood who cannot not have his or her own way in a competitive backyard game, and therefore decides to disrupt the whole event by quitting the game in anger, amid insults and threats.

As Ghana inches toward general elections in 2020, ex-president Mahama’s NDC will definitely throw more fits and political tantrums everywhere. Expect more parliamentary walk-outs, and some fear-mongering protests that our beloved Ghana under Nana Akufo-Addo, has become a war zone like Syria or Yemen.

Sadly, the NDC’s songs of doom will find gullible listeners among some of the docile media outlets in the country, because they will sing along as if JDM and the NDC did not run this nation into a deep ditch not long ago!