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The New Patriotic Party has set a programme in motion as a first step towards disbanding all vigilante groups associated with the governing party.

The New Patriotic Party has set a programme in motion as a first step towards disbanding all vigilante groups associated with the governing party.

This is the NPP’s response to the call on the two major parties by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to meet and discuss ways of disbanding militias affiliated to them.

But even before the parties have conferred on the problem, the NPP says it cannot wait for a meeting and has moved to heed the President’s call.

Information available to the Daily Statesman indicates that the NPP’s programme to disband the groups includes seeking ways to get members of the groups a means of earning a decent living.

Awuku leads

Leading the charge is Sammi Awuku, the party’s national organiser, who is currently in the North meeting various youth groups and preparing the ground, as well as the minds of members, for a smooth disbanding of the groups.

He is accompanied by the NPP national women’s organiser, Kate Gyamfua, national youth organiser Henry Nana Boakye and others.

Sammi Awuku and his team have so far met with various groups associated with the NPP, including members of the Invincible Forces, the Rock and Kandahar Groups in the Upper West, Upper East, North-East, Northern and Savannah Regions.

Censures Salaga

The national organiser on Friday severely criticised the youth of Salaga in the newly created Savannah Region after inspecting the burned-out Salaga office of the NPP.

The building was set ablaze by youngsters protesting against President Akufo-Addo’s decision to select Damongo over Salaga as the capital of the newly created Savannah Region.

Awuku descended heavily on the hundreds of youth who went out to welcome him on hearing of his arrival in the constituency.

He minced no words in describing the arson attack as barbaric, and said it was absolutely uncalled for.

The NPP youth organiser further cautioned the youth to avoid using violence to seek redress for their grievances, saying the best means available to them in the current dispensation is dialogue.

Blocks progress

The NPP national organiser explained to the youth that violence in the quest of justice has always been counterproductive, and an impediment to progress.

“Just last year, you had the most beautiful party office when I visited, but today, sadly, you have become homeless and ‘office-less’ due to your actions.
“The party [NPP] frowns on these acts, and we will ensure all those involved are dealt with. In politics we all must make compromises one way or the other.
“You burned your party office because Salaga was not named the regional capital. Meanwhile, the President has other plans for you and has shown you grace by appointing your MP as Regional Minister,” he told the gathering.


Awuku, who did not conceal his disgust at the young people’s conduct, warned any group that is nursing intentions to undermine the efforts of the NPP government to rethink its strategy.

“This is because the law will not spare anyone or any group who will be found culpable for any wrongdoing, neither will the party shield such people,” he said.

After listening to Awuku, and feeling the force of his anger, the youth openly apologised to the NPP and the Akufo-Addo government for their behaviour.

They promised they will all become involved in the effort to rebuild the ruined office, and will support the party leadership in the constituency to campaign vigorously to retain the seat for the NPP in the 2020 elections.