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AfariGyan admits to petitioners’ claim of different polling stations with same serial numbers

KwadwoAfariGyan, star witness for the second respondent, the Electoral Commission yesterday during his cross examination admitted to a list of different polling stations but with same serial numbers. Cross-examining the witness on a list labeled, “Pair of serial numbers appearing more than once”, lead counsel for the petitioners asked the witness to identify a list of pink sheets which he said had the same serial numbers.

The first list, identified and later tendered to the court through the witness, had polling stations like Chief Bello Islamic School, Denu with polling station code 141004A, Apostolic Revelation, Kakasonanka, No 1, “A” with exhibit number MBP3238 and Baptist church, Adigon, with exhibit MBQ171 all shared the same serial number of 0025195.

In order to justify to the court more instances of different polling stations sharing the same serial numbers, Mr. Addison confronted the witness with another list of pink sheets, namely D/C JHS Pampranase, D/C Primary School, Adienkyee with polling station code A250908 and PBC Cocoa shed, Ntensere which coincidentally shared the same serial number, 0018708.

Philip Addison further mentioned the Onyai-Sai polling station with polling station code C140701, the Assembly of God Church with polling station code C141401B and the Finger of God polling station with exhibit number MBAB000020 also had the same serial number 002500.

Obviously alarmed at the rate of evidence coming in from the petitioners, the witness ask the leave of the court to crosscheck the list presented to him from the original copy in the custody of the second respondent, the EC.

He further argued that the petitioners were not privy to the list in the custody of the EC, and that what had been shown him was already in evidence and the witness was bound by it.

But Mr. Addison stated that the list given the witness had been checked by his lead counsel, QuarshieIdun, adding “My Lords, the list are from the KPMG report.”

Later in the proceedings, an extract from the Mampong register, which the petitioners alleged had an instance of double registration was later withdrawn by them, when the respondents raised an objection to it.

Before the withdrawal, lead counsel for the petitioners, pointed out to the witness that one AdwoaGyamfua, appeared twice in the register but with different names, an observation which was confirmed by the witness.

However, an attempt by Mr. Addison to tender the extract was objected to by the respondents with lead counsel for the EC, QuarshieIdun telling the court that he doubted the authenticity of the document.

Tsatsu Tsikata, lead counsel for the NDC, the third respondent, argued that the picture in question appeared scattered in the original register but suddenly appeared on the same page of the petitioners document.

However, Counsel Addison told the court that the witness had already confirmed the details in the petitioners extract after comparing it with the second respondent’s register, adding that he was a bit taken aback that the respondents were objecting to the tendering of the document when the witness had earlier confirmed the information.

The court however allowed the extract to be withdrawn and accordingly adjourned hearing to Monday, July 15, 2013.